God gave us dogs as true friends, because he
knew, we wouldn't be successful find such human.
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Ostrava / Europe
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Welcome to our webpage ...

... to a small hobby kennel for which the goal is a quality, not quantity of produced litters. We are located in the "heart of Europe", and it is - Czech Republic. Our Pharaoh Hounds are our family members and not "just" animals, their happiness is our priority. Any questions are welcome. Enjoy :) !


CZ Specialty show, Kolín, judge Ing. Leoš Jančík, 13 pharaohs presented. What a day for our team :) !
- BIS, BOB, Winner of Specialty Show, CAC - for Lucas
(Farao Anubis Aldebaran), by this win he also completed conditions for Club Champion title,
- res.CAC - for Boban (Ch Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov),
- VetVSV, VetBOB - for Bery (ICh, MCh Reedly Road High Five),
- CAC - for Polly (Farao Anubis Luna).

01.02.2020 breed judge was Mrs Miroslav Václavík
, 5 pharaohs presented.
BOB, JBOB, Crufts Qualification, JCAC for Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran). He completed the Czech Junior CHAMPION title.

02.02.2020 this day was bred judge Mrs Lenka Frnčová, again 5 pharaohs presented.
BOB, JBOB, JCAC for  Lukas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran).


NAT Brno, breed judge was Mrs Zuzana Mikolková (SK), 4 pharaohs presented.
JBOB, JCAC for Lukas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran).



NAT Raciborz / Zakrzow, breed judge was Mrs Ewa Górska. We couldn't wait for finals this time.
BOB, JBOB, JCAC for Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran).

NAT Raciborz,
12 months old

43. Zabrzańska Wystawa Psów Rasowych - National Dog Show (CAC) (breed  + V FCI Mrs  Katarzyna Czarkowska, Junior BIS judge - Mrs Magdalena Świetoń)
BOB, JBOB, JCAC for our baby boy Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran). Nothing in finals this time for us, but Lucas presented himself really really nicely, and so he made us so proud of him :) !

FLORACANIS Olomouc, 8.9.2019
BIG 5th, Shortlisted to best 5 at Junior BIG, BOB, JBOB, JCAC for Farao Anubis Aldebaran aka Lucas. Not bad for just 9 months old baby :).
2PHs presented, breed judge was Mrs Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska Malgorzata, Junior BIG judge was Mr. Željko Ložič, and BIG V judge was Mr. Oliver Šimon - thank you all <3
! Proud of our red-nosed baby :). Video from finals here (facebook).

photos by Nicol Kopp, thank you !

photo by Stanislav Hošek, thank you :) !

INT Rybnik (PL), breed judge was Mrs. Anna Jaśkiewicz (PL) - Blobb is new POLISH Champion + BOB, CACIB, BM, CWC - NW Farao Anubis Ramzan Kadyrov.

New photos of our Kari (Ch Crystal Tal Sannat Whispering Sand) and Bery (ICh MCh Reedly Road High Five). Bery finaly got his C.I.B. diploma. And Kari has got Polich champion diploma :).

A few past show results and photos :)

Bobo and Kari - 06/2019

Crystal TalSannat Whispering Sand & Kari :
09.06.2019 / INT Bytom, PL - CWC, BB, CACIB, BOS / PLCh
07.04.2019 / NAT Ostrava, CZ - CAC, CAC-CMKU, NatW, BOS / CZCh
03.02.2019 / INT Brno, CZ - CAC, CACIB, BOS
02.02.2019 / INT Brno, CZ - CAC, res. CACIB
25.08.2018 / CZ Specialty, Líšno, CZ - CAC

Farao Anubis Ramsan Kadyrov & Bobo :
09.06.2019 / INT Bytom (PL) - CWC, res.CACIB
07.04.2019 / NAT Ostrava (CZ) - CAC, CAC-CMKU, National Winner, BOB
17.03.2019 / NAT Raciborz/Zakrzow (PL) - CWC, BM, BOB
09.02.2019 / INT Katowice (PL) - CWC
03.02.2019 / INT Brno (CZ) - CAC, res.CACIB
07.10.2018 / NDS Rybnik (Poland) - JBOB, BOB, 2nd Junior BIG

Farao Anubis Aldebaren & Lucas:
11.05.2019 / Regional show Hlucin, CZ - reserve BIS puppy

Lucas, photo by Manon Lescaut - Thank you !

A few current photos:

Trym (Ch Løveklippen's Love of My Life, 5 years old /by Farao Anubis Golden Gait x Northgate's No Matter What/)


Lucas (Farao Anubis Aldebaran),
(Farao Anubis Luna) and
(Farao Anubis Lotus)
7 months (head pics - age 6 months):



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